Friday, 23 March 2012

The Filey Connection

The Filey Connection is set in the fictional town of Sanford, West Yorkshire, and follows the adventures of Joe (who runs the Sanford Third Age Club), and his two employee/friends, Sheila and Brenda. The tale kicks off with a murder, always a good way to start crime novel, and Joe (an amateur sleuth) is on the case from the word go because the victim is a member of STAC.

The Sanford Third Age Club set off for a weekend in Filey and the mystery deepens as another club member disappears, believed to have committed suicide, but Joe doesn't believe the evidence and sets out to prove the missing man has been murdered.

Without including any spoilers, it's impossible to write more, other than to say this is a cosy crime story, with lots of humour and witty repartee between Joe, Sheila and Brenda.

If I had a fault to find it would be the author's insistence on telling us how great Joe is at being a sleuth, instead of leaving us to make up our own minds. In fact, it would be easier to believe in his powers if they had been mentioned just a little less often. But that is a minor gripe and it didn't spoil my enjoyment of this delightful tale.

The Filey Connection

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