Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Beating Creedence to the Top

When Bad Moon Rising was published by Crooked Cat Publishing just over six weeks ago, a search on Amazon showed my novel on about page nine of the results. Not really surprising when one considers that not only is Bad Moon Rising the title of a famous song, but there appear to be hundreds of books with the same name.

A friend contacted me today to say that she’d looked for my novel on Amazon, but as she couldn’t remember my pen name had simply typed the title in the search engine. “Oh,” I said, “in that case, I bet it took you a while to find it.”

Her answer surprised me, but also made me very happy. Bad Moon Rising, searching in 'All Departments' on Amazon UK, brings my novel up as item five on the first page. What amazed me even more was that it appeared ahead of some Creedence Clearwater Revival items! In fact, only two of Creedence Clearwater Revival entries were placed above my Bad Moon Rising.

I was so amazed that I tried it myself. Sure enough she was right. I narrowed the search to 'Books' and my Bad Moon Rising came up as the second item on the first page.

Presumably, this new found place in the search facility is down to sales, tags and likes. Whatever the reason – I like it!

It seems readers like the book as much as I like its search engine visibility, as the five star reviews are building nicely.

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