Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Great reviews of Bad Moon Rising

This is a book review site, so it’s great to be able to post some five star reviews my own novel has received. I am thrilled that Bad Moon Rising has garnered five star ratings across the board, not only from experienced reviewers, but also from readers who have bought the book because their friends and family have read and recommended it.

As an author, there is nothing better than knowing what you’ve written is being enjoyed by others.

I’ve updated the Bad Moon Rising Review page (see tab above) but here are two of the most recent reviews – one from a reviewer and the other from a reader.

“... anyone who enjoys a good crime novel should find this thriller an absorbing read. I sincerely hope there will be another novel featuring Paolo and this cast of characters.”

"The conclusion is harrowing. The twist is unanticipated, the characters are realistic, the story is original and the next one is eagerly awaited."

Bad Moon Rising is published by Crooked Cat Publishing

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