Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rock God Needs Name

I need a stage name for my character
How inventive can you be? Can you come up with an outlandish, but credible, name for an aging rock star desperate to make a big comeback?

The character features in the next DI Paolo Storey novel, Someday Never Comes and I’ve set up a free to enter fun competition calling for suggested stage names.

The authors of the two names I place in second and third spots will receive a free entry into the Flash 500 Competition. The person whose name I eventually use for my character will receive an acknowledgement in the credits and a free double entry into the Flash 500 Competition. The prizes in the Flash 500 Competition are £300, £100 and £50, so well worth having a go at. 

So, what do you need to know about my man? 
Firstly, the guy was the lead singer of a massively successful rock band in the late eighties/early nineties until his drug use brought about the group’s downfall. He now feels he has his drug situation under control and wants a second taste of fame, but the other members aren’t interested in regrouping – so X is going it alone using the name he was known by back when the group was topping the charts on a regular basis.

Secondly, he is stinking rich. Royalties from the group’s hits still bring him megabucks. He’s not after more money, just the adulation of the fans. 

How to enter 
Simply click here, or on the Facebook button on the left, and ‘like’ the Frances di Plino Facebook Page. Then between now and 15th June enter your suggestion for the character’s name either here in the comments box below, or on the Facebook Page. Only those who have ‘liked’ the page are eligible. That’s it – no purchase necessary (but if you felt like buying Bad Moon Rising I wouldn’t try to stop you).

You can enter as many times as you want - the only limit is your imagination.

The winners will be announced both here and on the Frances di Plino Facebook Page and the prizes can be used to enter the summer Flash 500 competition which runs from 1st July to 30th September.

The list
I've already had some great suggestions over at the page. I'll collate those with any made in the comments and list them here to help kick start your imaginations.

Dirk Wild
Bobby Stagger
Sylvain deScrace
Ace Manotoba
Ricky Wildfire
Charlton Cordite 
Vesper Jones

The Wall
Spyder Tansing 
Mr Metal
Kurt Mistral
The One
Ventura Knight
Sly Leatherman
Myron Lecroy
Sylvester Bread
Sky Corbin
Andy Moses
Freddy Wendell
Gilbert Sweetleaf
Jethro Wildcat
Gunnar Tate Reed
Lorrie and Masonettes
Todd Poacher
Gideon Phaeton
Protonic Graveman
Jasper Motormouth
Vivian Heavyfeathers
Earl Maniceagle
Viking Vinnie
Randybandy Bowman
Mad Dog Mike
Almondo Davis
Jondo Gold
Rick Crash
Blaze Fire
Jimmy Cyclone
Chad Malone
Rick RocknRoll
Nick Sensation
Mike Radke
Brandon Ryder
Ryder Corbin
Hunter Espinoza
Zak Babcock
Johnny Urban
Skinny Joe
Chad Decker
Maxx Payne
Still Kane


Mandy K James said...

I think he should be called one of these...

Mr Metal

Kurt Mistral

The One

Ventura Knight

or...Sly Leatherman

ados said...

Lorrie and Masonettes

Dreary Mouse said...

Here are my suggestions!

1. Myron Lecroy
2. Sylvester Bread
3. Sky Corbin
4. Andy Moses
5. Freddy Wendell
6. Gilbert Sweetleaf
7. Jethro Wildcat
8. Gunnar Tate Reed

I may have more for you later. :)