Friday, 14 September 2012

Review of The I-Spy Murders

The I-Spy Murders is the second Sanford Third Age Club mystery I’ve reviewed and this one is a great read – not only a whodunnit, but a howdunnit, too! Self-styled brilliant amateur detective Joe Murray proves his mettle in this most intriguing of cases. A murder is committed in a closed house with television cameras watching the inhabitants every move.

Based on the Big Brother set up, the I-Spy television series welcomes one of Joe’s closest friends, Brenda Jump, as a contestant, which is why Joe, who would normally rather watch paint dry, ends up glued to the set. Because of this, when one of the contestants is found dead and declared a suicide, Joe is the only person convinced a murder has taken place – and in usual bullish Joe fashion, he’s determined to prove it. In no time at all Joe is once again centre stage in an investigation where the finger of suspicion points at all the other contestants, including his friend Brenda.

I’ve no intention of giving away the plot; not least because it’s so cleverly done it would be a crime in itself to post any spoilers.

One thing I will say, Joe is growing as a character. He is more human and so more credible. I would certainly recommend this novel as an entertaining read and am looking forward to the next in the series. I hope David Robinson is busy writing because his fan club is growing.


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