Thursday, 24 January 2013

Be the first to know ...

As the title says, be the first to know whenever there is something new and exciting happening in the world of Paolo Storey and his creator (that's me, Frances di Plino). Get all the inside info on the characters and the author. Find out what makes them tick and win prizes.

Yes, that's right - be in with a chance of wining prizes in FREE competitions, simply by subscribing to the newsletter. From time to time I'll be giving away free books, offering entry into fun competitions and sending out advance notice of what will be happening next in the Paolo Storey series.

The first 100 email addresses will go into a free prize draw to win an e-book copy of Bad Moon Rising, published by Crooked Cat Publishing. If you are already the proud owner of the first in the Paolo Storey series, don't worry, there is a prize for you, too. Should your email address be pulled out, and you already have Bad Moon Rising, you will be sent a free e-book copy of the next in the series, Someday Never Comes, as soon as it is released.

So, what happens next? Simply fill in the form below and hope that your email address is one of the first 100 to register.


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