Monday, 10 June 2013

Review of To Kill a Stranger

To Kill a Stranger is Jack Devon’s debut. However, judging by the ending, this is intended to be the first in a series about Harry Sterling, former soldier and killer with a conscience.

Whilst at rock bottom and sleeping rough, a former comrade in arms offers Harry the chance to rebuild his life. Taken into the shadowy world of contract killing, Harry is given a number of targets to remove with no questions asked and massive rewards for jobs well done.

Harry is more than ready for the challenge, until he has to pull the trigger in cold blood and finds he can’t do it. This leads him into a world of deception that turns hunter into hunted.

The author’s bio states he is a former British intelligence agent and Reuters correspondent who has lived and worked in 40 countries and covered a dozen wars. This insider knowledge is evident in the settings and the ease with which he brings war scenes and casual violence to the page.

In places the plot stretches credulity, but in any book of this type it is necessary for readers to suspend disbelief. The storyline fairly raced along and kept me turning the pages. I hope there is a sequel as I’d like to see how Harry develops.

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