Thursday, 26 September 2013

Ten facts about … Lesley Cookman

When did you first realise you wanted to be a writer
I don’t remember actually wanting to be a writer, I just always wrote! I won competitions as a child, but didn’t even think about writing as a career until it began by accident when I was asked to write a piece for Which Computer over thirty years ago.

How long does it take you to write a book?
I am contracted to write two books a year at the moment, so roughly six months. Usually slightly less, as I tend to faff about a lot at the beginning and speed up towards the end!

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?
I do emails and social networking in the mornings, then attend to any household chores then start writing. I work best in the afternoons.

How many crime novels have you written?
So far there are twelve books in the Libby Sarjeant series, but there are other books as well.

Which is your favourite and why?
I don’t think I have a favourite. I’ve only ever read one of them after it was published, and that was because I needed the facts in it for the one I was writing.

Where do you get your ideas?
The ideas shop.

Who is your favourite character from your own work and why?
I would have to say my eponymous series heroine, wouldn’t I? Apart from her, I love Harry, the chef-patron of The Pink Geranium in Steeple Martin.

Which character from the work of others do you wish you’d invented and why?
I don’t wish I’d invented anybody, but I’m in awe of those who write historical crime for their incredible research, and envy them their ability.

If you could have been someone from history involved in crime (good or bad) who would that be and why?
No idea! Not something I’ve ever thought about, and not something I’d ever write about, either. I do like lots of fictional historical characters, though.

What are you working on now?
I’m currently writing the thirteenth Libby book – and no, I don’t think thirteen is unlucky, my mother and my eldest daughter were both born on the 13th of the month – and I have two other non-Libby related projects wafting about in the ether. Trouble is, I’m so lazy I don’t know when they will get done!

Published Titles:
Running Away (as Rosina Lesley)
A Will To Love (as Rosina Lesley)
How to Write A Pantomime
Cinderella – a pantomime
Red Riding Hood – a pantomime
Ali Baba – a pantomime
Sleeping Beauty – a pantomime
Little Boy Blue – a pantomime
The Queen Of Hearts – a pantomime
Puss In Boots – a pantomime
Summer Season – a musical
Murder In Steeple Martin
Murder At The Laurels
Murder In Midwinter
Murder By The Sea
Murder In Bloom
Murder In The Green
Murder Imperfect
Murder To Music
Murder At The Manor
Murder By Magic
Murder In The Monastery
Murder In The Dark
Bad Behaviour – a collection of short stories

Bio – Lesley Cookman is a former air stewardess, model, actor, nightclub DJ, wife and mother. She morphed into a freelance journalist over thirty years ago and is now a merry widow with four grown up children and two cats.

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barbara walker said...

Love your work,feel like Libby is a pal having read 10 of your books 2 to go then the new one?? she shares so much its great!thankyou from Australia x