Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Looking for a Reason

For those of you who follow the D.I. Paolo Storey series, you will know that Paolo’s cases are never straightforward. There are always more suspects than one detective should have to cope with. The crimes, too, are never as simple as they first appear. There are always twists that turn clues into red herrings, suspects into victims and victims into suspects.

Looking for a Reason, the fourth in the series, next in line after Bad Moon Rising (a People’s Book Prize finalist), Someday Never Comes (in the running for a CWA Dagger award) and Call it Pretending (released December 2013), gives Paolo even more headaches as nothing is quite what it seems.

Someone is abducting men and subjecting them to three days of rape and torture, but who? More to the point – why? After three days of cruelty, starvation and being deprived of water, they are released.

Paolo has lots of questions. Why three days? Why that particular form of torture? Why deprive them of water? Why let them go?

The biggest question of all: Why will none of them talk about their time in captivity or give any information which would help the police to find the perpetrator? The victims, to a man, refuse even to admit they were held captive.

Looking for a Reason is coming in paperback to a bookshop near you and will be available everywhere online as an ebook Autumn 2014.

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