Monday, 19 May 2014

Review of Rope Enough

Oliver Tidy’s books appear on the first page of the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” lists of all three of my D.I. Paolo Storey novels, so I thought I’d take a look at one of his books, which I suppose shows that form of Amazon advertising works! Anyway, I like to start with the first in a series, so downloaded Rope Enough, which is the first of the Romney and Marsh Files.

I’ve read a fair amount of self-published fiction recently – most of it really dire and deleted from my kindle long before the end. In many of the novels, not only do I not care who dunnit, but I don’t care who they dunnit to or why. The writing is often turgid, the plots transparent and the characters so wooden they should be broken down into pulp for paper.

What a pleasure it was, therefore, to start reading Rope Enough and find I wanted to read on. The plot is sufficiently intriguing. The characters are true enough to life that you can care about them and the overall effect was to make me want to read the next in the series.

This is not to say the book was perfect in every respect – Mr Tidy makes the point at the end that he is constantly learning. Given how much I enjoyed this offering, I can only say that he is going to be a name to reckon with if he improves on what is already a considerable talent.

Give his books a try. I think you’ll be glad you did.


Mr Tidy said...

Many and sincere thanks for your positive and encouraging review, and for sharing it here and elsewhere. I'm glad you enjoyed the read.
You've made my day.
Best wishes
Oliver Tidy

Peter Donnington said...

Followed your recommendation and read Rope doubt the best self published author I have come across.Thanks for that Frances, I will be reading some more of his work.

Frances said...

I'm so pleased you enjoyed Rope Enough, Peter. It's hard to find good self-published authors, but when we do, I think it's essential to help them get their names known, as they don't have the benefit of a publisher behind them.

Yorkie said...
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Yorkie said...

Rope Enough is good - the next three in the series are even better and I understand that number 5 is already being written.

Discerning readers should also try Mr Tidy's Bad Sons, which starts brilliantly and keeps you hooked.

Then have a look at his Acer Sansom series (Dirty Business and Loose Ends) - two gripping novels with a third on the way soon, according to his blog.

(Corrected post)

Dan Leightley said...

It is very nice to see another self-publishing author to comment on another authors work. Oliver posted on his blog about your review. On that note I'm going ahead and will read your books.

Frances said...

Thank you, Dan. I hope you enjoy them.