Sunday, 29 June 2014

Review of The Keeper

I am an avid John Lescroart fan, but was slightly disappointed by The Keeper. Had I not read every book in the Dismas Hardy series, perhaps I would have found this one more compelling, but the excellence of the earlier novels puts this into the shade by some considerable margin.

Two of my favourite characters, Dismas and Abe Glitsky, find themselves on the same side of the law for once. Maybe that’s the issue – Abe working for the defence just didn’t quite sit right for me.

As always with Lescroart, the plot looks simple on the surface, but becomes more complicated and complex as the storyline progresses. The Keeper opens with Hardy and his wife of many years discussing the disappearance of Katie Chase, a client Frannie Hardy has been counselling for marital issues. The main suspect is, of course, the husband, Hal Chase, a prison officer for the San Francisco county jail.  

As more and more suspects (and dead bodies) turn up, The Keeper morphs into a police procedural, rather than the courtroom dramas one would expect with Lescroart.

Politics rears its ugly head and the resolution of that aspect left me feeling dissatisfied. All in all, not the best of Lescroart’s work, but still far above the average crime/thriller out there.

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