Monday, 14 July 2014

Review of Innocent in Las Vegas #reviewshare

Innocent in Las Vegas by A.R. Winters promises a fun-filled mystery with lots of laughter and cupcakes. It is funny in places and has a good cast of characters. I could have done without the constant food references, but that is obviously a personal preference.

As the first in a new series, Innocent in Las Vegas introduces Tiffany Black, currently a casino dealer, but also P.I. in training.  When Ethan Becker, wealthy casino owner, is murdered, his wife is charged as the murder weapon (a gun) is found in her bedside drawer. Hmm, wouldn’t she have got rid of it, if guilty? Doesn’t that seem a bit as if it might have been planted? Apparently that doesn’t occur to the police or most of Las Vegas who all believe Sophia is guilty and that she has hired Tiffany to make her case look better when it comes to trial.

Tiffany is a bit on the flaky side for an investigator, but I’m hoping she will grow as a character over the series. When she gets into trouble and needs the protection of a security company, Sophia (the accused) introduces her to Stone (tall, gorgeous and monosyllabic).

When Tiffany uncovers a second murder, she naturally believes the two are connected, which sets off a train of events almost leading to Tiffany being shot.

Tiffany’s family members are wonderful and I hope they reappear in the next book. I’ve never been to Vegas, but by the end of the novel I felt as if I had. The settings were well described without being overdone.

Parts of the action are not realistic, but then humorous crime is rarely true to life. That’s where the humour comes in – people get away when they shouldn’t, get to think outlandish things when they should be too terrified to do so and so on. All of which added to the enjoyment of the read for me.

This is an easy read and I’m happy to move on to the next in the series.

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