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Ten facts about … Simon Duringer

When did you first realise you wanted to be a writer? 
That’s a bit like the Miss World question isn’t it? I ought to say World Peace in response when actually I want to say, let’s mix it up a bit! I have never had that calling that the great writers who attended Oxford for literature degrees have had. Mine was more a subtle introduction over time. I have written for many a fly on the wall magazine in the past and came to realise that people were reading (and I am led to believe liking…) my stories. In about 2001 I started writing Stray Bullet but kept putting it down again as work intervened. But in 2013, yes really a decade or so later, I got it published. I have recently had it re-edited and re-released… It’s exciting times!

How long does it take you to write a book?
Two weeks ago I wrote a 20,000 word Novella in a weekend. Stray Bullet took ten years to complete… Go figure! It depends what is whirring around in my head at the time and indeed how much time I have available to transfer those thoughts and ideas to paper.

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?
Please do not disturb… Genius in progress! (A legend in my own living room!) I irritate everybody in the household. I am unable to think about anything but the story in mind, become uncharacteristically unhelpful until things are on paper. It’s my Nemesis and the cause of many a heartache.

How many crime novels have you written?
Stray Bullet is the first. It is less crime more thriller, but the leading character is an unexpected assassin. Stray Bullet is the first of a trilogy. They are Novellas, only about 50,000 words, so an easy weekend read. Phoenix, the second in the trilogy is currently at around 16,000 words. Only 34k to go!

Which is your favourite and why?
Phoenix is turning out to be quite wonderful. The backdrop to the story is the scandal of the Vatican Bank in the 1970’s and I have been doing quite a lot of research to ensure my fictional story fits with the facts or rumours that were going on at the time. I am really quite excited about it and hope to finish it before the end of the year.

Where do you get your ideas?
A lot of my fictional ideas come from dreams… Does that make me crazy? I love sleep but never get enough of it. In fact my doctor recently prescribed me sleeping pills to ensure I actually get some. Lol… Do we sleep to dream or dream to sleep; now there’s a question!

Who is your favourite character from your own work and why?
Jack Shaw. He is totally influenced by others. His life should have been easy but it ends up being quite the opposite. He is too easily influenced by others and falls into the wrong crowd. Once there, he becomes the best at what he does, but he’d have made a much better banker or something similar in mainstream life.

Which character from the work of others do you wish you’d invented and why?
I absolutely love the Matrix in modern times but also am a sucker for Sherlock Holmes (who isn’t?) Anything with advances in technology really appeal to me. When I first saw the Minority Report with Tom Cruise, I said the computers he used weren’t that far off. The one I use today is so similar in so many ways. Technology is a nightmare and a wonder to behold at the same time. I wish I really did have a Time Machine as I think the characters long gone are fantastic but also can’t wait to see what the future holds.

If you could have been someone from history involved in crime (good or bad) who would that be and why?
Ronny Biggs – The man is a legend. I am sorry I know he is a criminal but the Great Train Robbery is every teenager’s dream. That rebellious nature. Working against the system and saying to the masses that you really f**ked this up! He has avoided the 30 year jail sentence for almost all of his life. They didn’t kill anybody and what they did seemed harmless… I just think the guy is cool.

What are you working on now?
I am currently trying to finish Phoenix, The second in the Stray Bullet trilogy. It’s difficult because as an Indie author I also am trying to finish the edit for The Word – Volume 2 and given that How Do I Win on a Lottery? unexpectedly became an Amazon #1 Bestseller, I am wondering if I should tidy it up and write a more user friendly version! So, there’s a great deal to watch out for and I hope the readers will stick with me in this journey.

Award winning Blogger, Bestselling Indie Author and Interviewer, Simon Duringer most enjoys surprising his readers with complex plots in the genre of thrillers. A cross genre writer, Simon has written the #1 Amazon Bestseller How Do I Win on a Lottery? The first of a Thriller Trilogy Stray Bullet and recently released the first in a series of interview compilations The Word – Volume I. All Simon’s books are available in Paperback, on Kindle and are FREE to Amazon Prime members.

Releases expected towards the end of 2014 include Phoenix (The second of the Stray Bullet Trilogy) and The Word - Volume II.

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Simon is also a member of Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Plus (Links on website). He is the Group Admin for Book Lovers on Facebook and has a page dedicated to each of his books, a member of The Independent Authors Network and The Lancashire Chamber of Commerce. Simon has also been a Top 50 Author on the AuthorsDB and was voted into the finals of the UK National Blogging Awards 2014.

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