Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Dark Side of Justice #BYNR

When I read crime fiction, I love trying to work out the motivation of criminals. No one is born evil, so what drives them to do evil things? It's understanding the way the criminal's mind works that adds enjoyment to the reading experience for me.

The same holds true when I'm writing. In my latest D.I. Paolo Storey novel, Looking for a Reason, to be released by Crooked Cat Publishing on 28 October, the person Paolo is hunting believes there are valid reasons to justify the horrendous nature of the crimes.

To the right is a word cloud depiction of what has driven, and continues to drive, the villain to kidnap, torture and rape - and it's all done in the name of justice.

If Paolo can find out why it's happening, he'll realise who is doing it, but can he arrest the culprit in time to save someone close to him? Maybe - but only if he is successful in Looking for a Reason.

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