Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Launch day and party

It’s here at last – the official launch day of the fourth in the D.I. Paolo Storey series.

There is a party going on over on Facebook between the hours of 10:00 and 16:00 (UK time) where there will be quizzes to test your crime detecting skills, manic music and a few party games.

Looking for a Reason, the latest in the D.I. Paolo Storey series provides Paolo’s biggest challenge so far.

Someone is subjecting men to systematic rape and torture, but who? More to the point – why? After three days of cruelty, starvation and water deprivation, they are released.

Detective Inspector Paolo Storey has many questions, but the biggest one of all is this: why, to a man, do they refuse even to admit they were held captive?

As if the hunt for the elusive abductor wasn’t enough, Paolo has to spend time finding out if money has been pilfered from public funds poured into a new youth centre. He upsets a few local bigwigs in the process, but ruffling feathers is the least of his worries.

His most important task is to work out why the attacks take place. If he can do that, he'll be a step closer to knowing who is behind them; but can he uncover the answers in time to save someone close to him?

It isn’t easy Looking for a Reason.

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