Monday, 22 February 2016

Fun quiz with £10 prize #crime #quiz

A fun crime quiz this week. All correct responses will go into a draw for a £10 Amazon gift voucher. Answers to - put QUIZ in the subject header

  1. Anne Bonney was notorious in the 18th Century, but why?
  2. Who were Robert Parker and Harry Longabaugh?
  3. Who was Bob Ford famous for killing?
  4. Who was Edward Teach?
  5. Douglas Goody was a member of which gang?
  6. Hawley Harvey were the first names of which murderer?
  7. What was the name of the British PM who was assassinated in 1812?
  8. What was Harry Allen’s claim to fame (or infamy)?
  9. Who almost succeeded in stealing the Crown Jewels in the 17th century?
  10. Apart from being a novelist, what is Henry Fielding’s claim to fame?

Monday, 15 February 2016

The Hand that Held the Knife #crime

I thought it would be interesting to construct a timeline of the important activities and changes in forensic science over the decades, but was astounded to discover the first use of a forensic medical examination to determine cause of death was made way back in 44 BC.

Apparently, the surgeon who examined the body of Julius Caesar after his assignation decided, as a result of an autopsy, that although Caesar had been stabbed 23 times, only one wound was fatal!

I wonder whose hand held that particular knife.

I also discovered that fingerprints were used for identity purposes as far back in history as the 600s. It seems Arabic traders attached copies of fingerprints to bills to identify the debtor. A hundred years later, in the 700s, Chinese officials were using fingerprint analysis to identify owners of documents and clay tablets.

I’ll be adding to this timeline on a regular basis, so check back in a month to see what came next in the field of forensic advances.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Special offer #crime

As part of Crooked Cat Publishing's crime week, the e-book version of Bad Moon Rising has been reduced to 99p/99c until Friday. Don't miss out - the price will be going back up to the RRP at the weekend.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Reviews - an author's life blood

All authors rely on reviews to help spread the news about their work - and to encourage people to buy! Obviously, not all reviews are one hundred percent positive, but even those where readers find something they don't enjoy or agree with are usually welcome as it gives a balance to the more positive reviews.

The latest review on the fourth of my D.I. Paolo Storey series, Looking for a Reason, is relatively positive (four star) but also points an element the reader wasn't as overjoyed about. You can read the review here.

Thank you to everyone who has left reviews on my books. If you've read and enjoyed them, but not yet commented on any Amazon site, please do take a moment to pop over and let me know what you liked and what you didn't!