Monday, 22 February 2016

Fun quiz with £10 prize #crime #quiz

A fun crime quiz this week. All correct responses will go into a draw for a £10 Amazon gift voucher. Answers to - put QUIZ in the subject header

  1. Anne Bonney was notorious in the 18th Century, but why?
  2. Who were Robert Parker and Harry Longabaugh?
  3. Who was Bob Ford famous for killing?
  4. Who was Edward Teach?
  5. Douglas Goody was a member of which gang?
  6. Hawley Harvey were the first names of which murderer?
  7. What was the name of the British PM who was assassinated in 1812?
  8. What was Harry Allen’s claim to fame (or infamy)?
  9. Who almost succeeded in stealing the Crown Jewels in the 17th century?
  10. Apart from being a novelist, what is Henry Fielding’s claim to fame?

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