Monday, 23 May 2016

The first real advances in forensic pathology

The 16th and 17th centuries covered a period of major forensic advances. In addition to the publication of the first pathology reports, this was a time when forensic science was beginning to be taken seriously.

In Europe, during the 16th century, doctors began to collate details showing cause and manner of deaths. In particular, university and army doctors made copious notes which were of use to others when looking at death by unnatural causes.

A French army surgeon, Ambrose Pare, paid particular attention to the way internal organs were affected when the victim was subjected to a violent death.

However, it was two Italian surgeons, Fortunato Fidelis and Paolo Zacchia, who studied the structural changes in the body. They can fairly claim to be the fathers of modern forensic science.

When Anton Van Leeuwenhoek constructed the first high-powered microscope it became possible to study forensic specimens previously hidden from doctors and those studying causes of death.

It just goes to show that forensic medicine has a longer history than might be supposed.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Love to read about true crime? #truecrime

From time to time, when researching for my books, I come across blogs about true crime that make for interesting reading. The Crime Diary falls into that category.

For lovers of true crime who would like to see the workings behind the scenes of an investigation, or those who just want to get a more personal take on events, this blog is well worth a visit.

Bad Moon Rising on promo
For a few days only my publisher has reduced the ebook price of Bad Moon Rising. I’m not sure how long it will remain at 99c/99p, so grab your copy now before it returns to full price.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Writing again! #amwriting

Unable to write
The past year and a half has been extremely difficult on an emotional level. I lost both husband and father in 2015 and found it almost impossible to write. At one stage I feared I would never be able to get started again.

I am delighted to say, last Monday I found the motivation to open the file on D.I. Paolo Storey book five and have been steadily adding to the word count each day. I can finally announce that Love Hearts (a serial killer looking for his perfect mate) will be the next in the series.

Watch this space as I’ll be giving regular updates on progress – and maybe a bit of insight into the killer’s motivation and Paolo’s latest personal issues.

Quiz winner
On an entirely different note – the winner of the crime quiz was Amanda Johnson. New crime quiz to come later this month.